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Quantum Xchange Partners with Spire Solutions



Quantum Xchange has entered into a strategic partnership with Spire Solutions, a top value-added distributor and preferred cybersecurity solutions provider servicing the Middle East and Africa. Spire customers, partners, and prospects will benefit from access to Phio Trusted Xchange (TX), Quantum Xchange’s out-of-band key delivery system that enables users to future-proof the security of their data and communications networks; overcome the vulnerabilities of present-day encryption techniques, for instance, keys and data traveling together; and protect against man-in-the-middle, harvesting, and future quantum attacks.

Phio TX from Quantum Xchange acts as a simple architecture overlay that works in tandem with conventional encryption systems and any TCP/IP connection (wireless, copper, satellite, fiber) to decouple key generation and delivery from data transmissions. With Phio TX a second, quantum-enhanced encryption key is sent out-of-band down a separate quantum-protected tunnel and mesh network to multiple transmission points. Continuous key rotation takes place on every transfer, further heightening the system’s security.

“We are in the early stages of the greatest migration in the history of computing as nearly every organization in the world will need to update and transition their legacy encryption to new quantum-safe standards,” said Sanjeev Walia, Founder and President of Spire Solutions. “Quantum Xchange’s unique technology greatly eases this burden, offering an affordable and dynamic next-generation key delivery architecture for stronger data security today and quantum-safe protection from future threats. We are pleased to have QXC as a partner and to add Phio TX to our portfolio of the world’s best security products and services.”

Phio TX embraces crypto agility, supporting quantum keys generated from any source, i.e., Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG), Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), or a combination, and all Post-Quantum Cryptographic (PQC) key encapsulation candidate algorithms being evaluated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) scheduled for standardization in 2022. The FIPS-validated network security appliance also meets the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) protocol for QKD. With Phio TX, users can start with PQC, then easily scale to QKD protection levels with no interruptions to their underlying infrastructure and no network downtime.

“Spire Solutions has a proven track record successfully introducing new cybersecurity solutions to more than 15 countries in its region, making them an ideal partner for Quantum Xchange as we look to expand our global visibility and reach,” said Eddy Zervigon, CEO of Quantum Xchange. “Spire’s dedicated division focusing on cyber threat intelligence, comprehensive risk protection, and response complements our mission to protect and preserve the digital infrastructure that runs our global economy by bringing to market a standards-based, quantum-ready solution that can easily meet the risk mitigation needs of a business at any time while delivering an infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture to any network environment.”

Quantum Xchange will join Spire Solutions stand H1 A120 at #LEAP22, the inaugural global platform for the most disruptive technology professionals taking place at the Riyadh Front Expo Centre in Saudi Arabia from Feb. 1-3, 2022.

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Entrust Signs Up CyberKnight as New Distributor for the Middle East Region



Entrust has announced its new distribution partnership with CyberKnight to address compliance and simplify cyber threat management. In line with evolving regional compliance regulations and standards, Entrust’s new partnership with CyberKnight as its newest regional distributor will see the two companies jointly build solutions for the Middle East market that achieve the highest standards of cyber security.

Entrust and CyberKnight are strategically aligned on their security vision with a ‘Zero Trust’ philosophy at its core. With the aim of increasing access to the highest standards of security for Middle East customers, Entrust’s new partnership with CyberKnight will further enable the delivery of digital security solutions to customers, by tapping into CyberKnight’s local network to offer advice, education, expertise, and confidence.

“Digital transformation in the Middle East continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace, especially as the demands of the past two years called for a rapid implementation of cloud-based systems to manage the unprecedented shift to remote workforces,” said Scott Kemish, Global Vice President Channel Sales, Entrust. “In order to support local customers championing cloud adoption while meeting the requirements of local compliance regulations, as well as protecting themselves against an all-time-high of cybercrime, we have entered a stage of channel development that requires our channel distribution partners to stand up and make a difference; CyberKnight has all of the right attributes that we are looking for in the market.”

“Our partnership with CyberKnight further cements our commitment to the region, and we look forward to helping more customers transform their digital security in line with the requirements of this new age,” Scott continued. Over the last two years, the rapid adoption of cloud solutions to enable remote working resulted in an increase in cybercrime globally, as it provided cybercriminals more opportunities to target victims at home. Cybercrime is set to cost the global economy $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. And industry research reveals that, in the UAE, the average cost of remediating a ransomware attack is over $500,000.

“The pandemic has reminded us that cybercriminals are constantly fine-tuning their skills and techniques. If we do not help our customers do the same, then they will be playing catch-up,” said Avinash Advani, Founder & CEO of CyberKnight. “Our partnership with Entrust as our newest vendor will enable us to continue helping customers fill the existing gap between their digital transformation efforts, and their security posture by securing their digital ecosystems as well as supporting them with their zero-trust security journey. We are very excited about working with them to further support our local customers across the region.

Entrust’s certificate solutions, PKI, identity and access management, encryption key management and hardware security modules are available to local customers through the partnership. Later this year, Entrust will join CyberKnight’s annual roadshow, set to take place in November 2022.

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Cloud, Security and Containers Should be Key Focus for the Channel



Written by Kinda Baydoun, Manager of Channels & Distribution – Middle East, Veeam Software

There is a clear wave of optimism as I interact with our partners, as most agree that this year is shaping up to be a year of not just recovery but of acceleration and innovation. During our recent Middle East ProPartner Summit in Dubai, we saw signs of healthy IT budgets and more focus on investing and adding more skills to their workforce to adapt quickly to key IT trends.

There are three key trends that I believe will shape the Enterprise IT landscape this year and beyond. They consist of three distinct pillars: Cloud, Security and Containers. Businesses need to have a good understanding of what cloud brings to an organization and why it is important. Secondly, before the pandemic, we had a centralized office where employees were all in one place. With decentralization now, the boundaries of the organization have become invisible. Data is all over, necessitating a need for a comprehensive security strategy to safeguard all entry points.

Modern Data Protection and management technologies will be a number one priority for CIOs and IT managers to combat the increasing incidence of cyberattacks, including ransomware that has huge negative ramifications for organizations. And finally, we see an increased interest in Kubernetes as a critical piece of an enterprise’s cloud infrastructure. This has created a new area around container-native data protection that needs addressing.

The adoption of remote work and e-commerce had been already growing at a fast pace in the last few years. The Covid pandemic lockdown restrictions worldwide ended up highly accelerating their adoption. These trends created expectations that “a new normal” will include hybrid work environments and continued e-commerce growth. The IT Channel industry will continue to play a major role in supporting customers from different segments manage this “new normal” by providing the technology and all related consultancy and professional services.

Cloud adoption continues to be one of the key trends, as partners are racing to having their operations “cloud-ready” to capture the high potential of this market. The adoption of cloud is accelerating in the Middle East, fuelled by the pandemic, government spending on smart cities and public sector projects, and the availability of an expanding range of data centre and managed services options to support enterprise adoption of emerging technologies. With the acceleration of cloud adoption which is supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)-managed environments, ransomware becomes one of the major threats to any organization’s data security.

The Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022 shows that 86% of UAE organizations and 84% of Saudi organizations suffered ransomware attacks, making cyber-attacks one of the single biggest causes of downtime for the second consecutive year. Channel partners across the Middle East need to take cognizance of this trend and its critical impact on their customer’s digital transformation agenda. This is a big opportunity for partners to align with best-of-breed vendors in the Modern Data Protection space as well as build skills around a wide range of security solutions in order to help customers tackle security challenges in the new era of a hybrid workplace.

Besides Cloud, Security and Containers, I also believe that the channel should keep a close eye on AI technologies. AI is already transforming numerous industries for the better. Fields as varied as healthcare, education and public safety are leveraging artificial intelligence to automate some processes and optimize others, allowing humans to spend more time on their most meaningful work and less time managing rote tasks.

In the near future we will see AI and automation capable of filling positions in other hard-hit sectors like the finance, healthcare, legal and software industries. AI is also poised to transform data management. In this space, true innovation isn’t just about capturing more data—it’s about having it always available, responding to it and separating the signal from the noise in order to improve processes and drive better business decisions.

In order to grab a piece of the ‘AI pie’, channel partners need to align with vendors that have a strong value proposition and technologies with established use cases that meet the specific needs of regional enterprises. A challenge that continues to plague the channel is the incidence of limited skills in the market which can be attributed to the actual lack of manpower. Most resellers have one or two technical resources that are certified on 3 or 4 different technologies.

This puts a strain on resources and compromises the level of service that the resellers can offer as they may not have sufficient bandwidth. Channel partners can develop talent within their teams by investing in their vendor partner’s training and certification programmes. It’s very important for vendors/ distributors and resellers to be in constant dialogue so that vendors/ distributors can understand the skills gap and run regular training programmes to plug that gap. It is important to create a training/ certification calendar and give resellers advance notice so that they can plan their work schedules accordingly so as to be able to attend these programmes.

Finally, it is important for channel partners to streamline their go-to-market strategies ensuring they are simple yet effective, evaluate their client base and properly account plan/map their clients to understand their existing wallet share and then plan to grow this. It is also important to ensure that their business plan is adaptable to the current market trends which are changing quarter by quarter.   There are channel partners that maintain a business model which served them well five years ago, but they have not adapted to the current challenges/ opportunities.

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Yotta Partners with Virsec to Offer True Runtime Protection Cybersecurity Service



Yotta has announced its partnership with Virsec, through which enterprises across India that are either hosted at Yotta data center or their captive on-premises data center or any public cloud can now get access to Virsec’s patented Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP). It is the only security solution that ensures precise protection against zero-day, ransomware and evolving cyber-attacks on workloads deployed in production. DPP precisely maps what an application or software is intended to do and stops them instantly when they behave abnormally within milliseconds.

Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO, Yotta

“Virsec is backed by a solid team, and we are very impressed with their award-winning true runtime protection service that protects while the application is running, and not after the attack has been executed. Their unique approach to secure the workload from the inside is commendable, and we are delighted to partner with them to offer their world-class security service to enterprises globally,” says Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO at Yotta.

Explaining Virsec’s unique protection capabilities, Dave Furneaux, CEO, Virsec, says, “In order to secure an application while it’s running, our patented technology maps precisely to what the software is intended to do and will stop anything that it’s not intended to do – perceived as an attacking threat – within milliseconds when it launches. As a result, our customers have seen up to 70% OpEx savings and increased time to focus on business innovation versus the security hassle of monitoring suspicious events, hunting out threats, investigating results, and reacting to thousands of false alerts daily. With this landmark partnership with Yotta – we are pleased to serve a very fast-growing segment of enterprise IT customers.”

Dave Furneaux, CEO, Virsec

As per Rajesh Garg, CDO & Head of Cybersecurity at Yotta, “With a growing digital footprint, an enterprises’ exposure to cyber threats is on the rise. Today, customers demand cutting-edge security services that allow them to sleep in peace. With this partnership, we have expanded our security services portfolio – that will add tremendous value to organisations.”

“We’re thrilled to expand our reach globally to help secure India’s most powerful enterprises through our largest data center partnership yet,” says Bobby Gupta, SVP & MD, International Business at Virsec. “Yotta is not only the biggest but also one of the most trusted data centers in India. Virsec is proud to partner with Yotta to ensure India’s data sovereignty.”

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