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Review: Eufy SoloCam S40



Eufy Security’s new SoloCam S40 is probably one of the few security cameras available on the market, which are powered by solar energy. It comes packed with a solar panel that supplies all the power needed to run the camera. According to Eufy, the SoloCam S40 can work wirelessly all day and night, with just two hours of direct sunlight each day.

The idea sounds brilliant since most security cameras out there on the market either need their batteries regularly recharged, or need to be connected to a power source. Since the Middle East region receives a good amount of sunlight, the Eufy SoloCam S40 seems like a perfect fit. And you can just get it set up in minutes since it does not require wires to get installed.

In terms of resolution, the Eufy SoloCam S40 offers 2K high-definition footage, which is directly recorded onto the camera’s built-in 8GB storage. This means you do not have to subscribe to cloud storage to store all the recorded security footage.

The camera sends out instant motion alerts to your phone that can activate the built-in 600-lumen spotlight, especially at night to deter intruders. In addition, the camera can sense motion up to a distance of 8 meters and it also comes with colour night vision.

Inside the box, you get the Eufy SoloCam S40, along with a bunch of accessories that include the camera wall mount, screws, and some paperwork including the quick start guide. You also get a USB-C charging cable in case you would like to plug the camera into a power outlet as a backup.

Since the Eufy SoloCam S40 is an outdoor camera, it comes with an IP67 rating to ensure the camera is protected from humidity, dust, sandstorms, and rainstorms. In addition, Eufy says the camera can also withstand extreme heat.

The SoloCam S40 can also be connected to Wi-Fi – this means, you can also view the recorded footage through the Eufy mobile app. In addition, all recordings are protected by AES-128 military-grade data encryption to safeguard your privacy.

The SoloCam S40 also features advanced motion detection and advanced AI technology to help recognise humans, animals, swaying trees, or passing traffic to avoid false notifications. You can also set up two activity zones to cover the most vital areas of your home.

You also get a powerful 90dB alarm on the S40, which can be activated both manually and automatically when you have an unwanted person on your property. In addition, the two-way audio communication system allows you to talk directly to anyone who approaches your home even if you and your family are outside the house.

What’s more, the SoloCam S40 also comes packed with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Opening a flap on the back of the device reveals a sync button and USB-C charging port, while the bottom of the S40 houses the unit’s speaker. A microphone is placed to the left of the camera lens on the device’s face, next to the photo-sensitive sensor and motion sensor LED indicator.

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Eufy app to check out the footage recorded by the S40. The SoloCam S40 does not record footage continually – instead, it captures short video clips when a motion is detected. You can, however, record continuous footage onto your phone’s storage, via the app. However, doing so may drain the S40’s battery.

By default, the S40 uses the Optimal Battery Life mode, wherein clips are recorded between 10 and 20 seconds. However, you can choose to select the Optimal Surveillance mode which records clips in lengths of up to 60 seconds. You can even get into the settings and customise the recording length to up to 120 seconds.

The quality of the footage, whether it was an image or a video, was very good. Footage recorded was very clear and crisp, with natural-looking colours. The S40 also records footage in night-vision mode in monochrome format, which was also very clear and detailed.

The Eufy SoloCam S40 is available for a price of AED 699. For that price point, the S40 does sound like an amazing deal, considering it is totally powered by solar energy, stores footage onboard, offers 2K resolution, and requires little or no maintenance. The Eufy SoloCam S40 thus comes across as highly recommended.

Price: AED 699

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Cyber Security

Netscout Launches Adaptive DDoS Protection for Arbor Edge Defense



Netscout Systems has launched Adaptive DDoS Protection for Arbor Edge Defense (AED) to protect ISPs and enterprises from DNS water torture attacks. According to the Netscout DDoS Threat Intelligence Report, Domain Name System (DNS) water torture attacks increased 353% in the first six months of 2023, overwhelming Authoritative DNS server resources and bringing down critical DNS services.

Scott Iekel-Johnson, AVP, DDoS and Threat Intelligence at Nertscout

“DNS water torture DDoS attacks have been around since 1997, yet many organizations still struggle to efficiently identify and mitigate them,” said John Grady, principal at Enterprise Strategy Group. “These attacks send invalid requests to an Authoritative DNS server to slow it down and prevent legitimate requests from getting a response. Security teams cannot broadly block this traffic without potentially impacting valid requests due to the pervasiveness of DNS and can easily misdiagnose an attack as a performance issue. Netscout’s Adaptive DDoS Protection auto-learns and adapts to changes in DNS server configuration, enabling AED to identify and mitigate these attacks.”

DNS water torture is one of many attack techniques adversaries can adopt to bring down DNS infrastructure. Netscout’s Adaptive DDoS Protection for AED protects against many DDoS attack techniques at scale by:

  • Auto-learning legitimate hostnames for each domain by continually analyzing DNS query and response packets
  • Adapting to DNS server configuration changes to prevent blocking legitimate domains and changes to attack techniques
  • Intelligently blocking DNS water torture IP sources on a query-by-query basis

Adaptive DDoS Protection gives SOC teams a scalable, always-on, stateless packet processing solution that uses unmatched visibility into more than 50% of all internet traffic, real-time global DDoS attack threat intelligence, and decades of DDoS mitigation experience to automatically detect, adapt to, and mitigate dynamic DDoS attacks. “Adaptive DDoS Protection for AED provides customers with a unique hybrid multi-layer DDoS defence architecture,” said Scott Iekel-Johnson, AVP, DDoS and Threat Intelligence at Nertscout. “It can learn and filter millions of legitimate hostnames and thousands of domains backed by our ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) to thwart modern-day attacks and advanced threats.”

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Canon Intros the CR-N100 4K PTZ Camera and RC-IP1000 Professional PTZ Controller



Canon has announced the CR-N100 indoor 4K pan-tilt-zoom camera – the sixth model in the PTZ lineup designed to achieve high-quality video capture and seamless integration into a multi-camera system. In addition to the latest camera release, Canon introduces the RC-IP1000 professional PTZ controller for broadcast and live events. Canon also launched its new Multi-camera Management Application to facilitate the management workflow of multiple PTZ cameras.

With the addition of the CR-N100 to Canon’s lineup of remote cameras, customers now have a greater choice of products that support a wide range of uses, from professional video production to video content used by enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions.

The CR-N100 excels in image quality, offering unparalleled versatility and performance for its price point. The camera is equipped with a 1/2.3-type 4K CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 processor and a powerful optical zoom lens of 20x, delivering crystal-clear 4K UHD resolution footage with exceptional detail and oversampled HD video. As online meetings, lectures, events, and seminars become increasingly commonplace, there is a growing need for live streaming and video recording technology.

The CR-N100 camera includes four different ‘scene modes’ – Portrait, Sports, Low-light and Spotlight – which users can choose to create the best possible visual expression based on their subject. The Hybrid Auto Focus system combines contrast AF with external phase-detection AF, delivering rapid and accurate focusing of the subject even in low light conditions, assisting the camera operator.

The CR-N100 is compatible with Canon’s Auto Tracking App1 as an add-on application offering unparalleled flexibility, enabling the camera to automatically track the main speaker, without the intervention of a camera operator. The camera also supports the Multi-camera Management App that enables batch setting configuration, management and monitoring of up to 200 cameras, making possible efficient operation of large-scale systems in such environments as enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions. These features, combined with the price point of the camera, deliver a budget-friendly but high-quality automated solution.

CR-N100 key features:

  • 4K30P high-image-quality video capture
  • 20x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 29.3m – 601mm (35mm film equivalent)
  • Hybrid Auto Focus with face detection and tracking
  • Intelligent Auto Tracking
  • In-built protocol support, including Canon XC2, RTMP3/RTMPS and RTP/RTSP, NDI|HX4 and SRT5, making the CR-N100 extremely flexible out of the box
  • Compatible HDMI and USB-C connectivity
  • Includes additional support tools such as Camera Search Tool, Remote Camera Control Application, and Webcam Driver

The RC-IP1000 is a powerful professional broadcast PTZ controller with a host of features aimed to capture every moment with the utmost precision – perfect for busy studios and production teams.

The controller has been designed to perfectly complement Canon’s high-end PTZ models for the broadcast market and is compatible with both IP and serial communication to access and control PTZ cameras remotely. The input monitoring feature enables users to view their feeds on the 7-inch LCD screen, built on the controller, without the need to connect to an external monitor.

The launch of this controller is a direct response to broadcasters’ demands and sports a professional control interface for comfort, paired with a high-quality ergonomic joystick. The RC-IP1000 also features a large touchscreen LCD which enables the user to intuitively access multiple camera settings and features including setting the focus point for cameras. With unrivalled control and no requirement for a PC, this professional PTZ controller has 12G-SDI and HDMI input/outputs up to 4K 60P, enabling the operation and monitoring of up to 200 cameras via IP.

RC-IP1000 key features:

  • IP video and input monitoring (up to 200 cameras)
  • PC-less setup of cameras from RC-IP1000
  • HDMI Out, 12G-SDI in/out, Serial RJ45, LAN/POE+, two USB ports and two GPIO D-Sub 25pin channels
  • 7-inch multi-function touchscreen LCD
  • Ergonomic joystick and zoom rocker for precise control
  • Multiple camera control function – group cameras and apply the same settings
  • Arrow buttons for easy menu navigation
  • Advanced pre-set and trace control – control other cameras during trace

Matthew Koshy, Product Marketing at Canon Europe, said, “This new line-up represents a seamless blend of innovation and versatility, expanding the offering and empowering users to unlock a whole new world of dynamic control and precision in their visuals. With the CR-N100’s fluid movement and unrivalled image quality for the price point, we have aimed to create a product that widens the range selection available to corporate and education sectors. Meanwhile, our RC-IP1000 controller provides the ultimate professional workflow, pushing live productions to unprecedented heights of excellence.”

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Check Point Launches New SASE Solution



Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has announced the immediate availability of Quantum SASE, integrating technologies from newly acquired Perimeter 81. This integrated offering addresses organizations’ needs for a unified user experience, simplified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) management, and a fast, secure browsing experience. It enhances the company’s Infinity architecture with a unified SASE solution offering 2x faster internet security, full mesh Zero Trust Access, and Secured SD-WAN with industry-leading threat prevention. This underscores Check Point’s leadership in advanced cloud security.

The rise of hybrid work sees enterprises embracing multiple cloud services, with 90% now operating in such settings. Organizations are moving from on-premises internet security to internet security delivered in the cloud. However, in both cases all traffic is redirected to one location for inspection, frustrating users with latency. The Quantum SASE solution solves the internet security latency problem with a hybrid approach that combines on-device protection of direct internet access, with the ability to use cloud inspection when needed. The result is 2x faster internet security when compared with other solutions on the market.

“As the lines between digital and physical realms become increasingly blurred, businesses need a comprehensive, consolidated, and collaborative security strategy,” said Amit Bareket, VP, Security Service Edge at Check Point Software Technologies. “With Quantum SASE, Check Point stands as the pioneer security partner, offering a Hybrid SASE solution comprised of three pivotal components: on-device network protection, cloud network protection, and a unified security gateway with built-in SD-WAN and IoT security. As organizations navigate the intricacies of hybrid work and cloud integration, Quantum SASE is the very future of secured networking.”

Quantum SASE’s key features include:

  • Enhanced Internet Access:2X faster internet security performance vs competitors, and secure access for both remote users and branch offices, bolstered by cloud and on-device network protections. This ensures a native, localized browsing experience with tighter security and privacy.
  • Zero Trust Access: Efficient and reliable system assuring least privilege access for all, regardless of location or device, facilitated by full mesh connectivity between users, branches, and applications.
  • Ease of Deployment: Recognised as the easiest-to-implement SASE solution, Quantum SASE boasts a one-hour rollout and user-friendly administration.
  • Optimized SD-WAN Performance: Features include industry-leading AI Threat Prevention combined with smooth internet and network connectivity, with autonomous steering for over 10,000 applications. The solution ensures uninterrupted web conferencing through seamless link failover and a dedicated steering policy.
  • Unified Management: Single-vendor SASE with a consolidated console for the entire on-premises and cloud firewall portfolio.
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