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Day One of the Global Cybersecurity Forum Underlines the Importance of Collective Action for a Safer Cyberspace



More than 60 of the best cybersecurity minds addressed thousands of attendees from more than 100 countries during the first day of the 2022 Edition of the Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF). The international Forum, founded by Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority, opened with a welcome address from H.R.H Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Province, who called for global collaboration to counter threats.

Under the event theme, Rethinking the Global Cyber Order, the Forum covered the full spectrum of issues including, resilience in the energy supply chain, child protection online, countering cyber conflict, women in cybersecurity, and tackling cybercrime, with perspectives sought from the government, private sector, NGOs, policymakers, and industry specialists.

Dr. Mary Aiken, a leading expert in Cyberpsychology, praised the inclusion of child protection online in the Forum’s program, noting that it was an important topic in the discussion of cybersecurity: “The internet was created on the principle that all users are equal.  This is not true.  Some users are more vulnerable than others, and children are particularly vulnerable”. Sanjay Wijeskera, Director Programme Group, UNICEF also noted: “A digital space that’s safe for children is safe for everyone.”

There were also predictions about the future, with cyber advances likely to dramatically change the world. The world-renowned author, scientist, and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku said that Silicon Valley “could become the next rust belt as quantum computers begin to take over”, urging the world to “prepare for the quantum era”.

Speaking about the cybersecurity threats posed to the energy supply chain, Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO, Aramco said: “the danger for us is very clear, present and constant” and called for increased cooperation across borders, industries, and the public, and private sectors to ensure resilience.

Also featured in the day’s line up was H.R.H Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi Minister of Energy, Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain and Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. Day two of the Forum will continue on 10th November, hosting diverse program of sessions, including Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalization and Development Oxford University, Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank. Those not able to attend the event in person are able to join via live stream on the Global Cybersecurity Forum YouTube channel.


ATERMES Announces New Regional HQ in UAE at ISNR Abu Dhabi



ATERMES, the French high-tech equipment specialist, has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting customers and industries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)– making a series of announcements sure to ignite attention and curiosity across the defence, security, aeronautics, space, and telecommunications sectors. Having served regional clients and contractors for over three decades by designing, developing, and manufacturing market-leading hardware, software, and solutions, ATERMES will establish a new MENA headquarters in Dubai, UAE to accommodate growing demands in these strategic industries.

The announcement, made on the same day ATERMES confirmed its participation at ISNR Abu Dhabi, the region’s largest national security, cybersecurity, and civil protection event; illustrates the company’s vision for expanding its Middle Eastern operational presence and partnership ecosystem. Elaborating on the upcoming MENA office and the positive implications this entails for customers, Walid Lahoud, Head of Operations MENA, ATERMES, said, “Our regional HQ in Dubai will represent the beginning of a vibrant new era of robust relationships with those we serve. From partners we’ve accommodated for many years to organisations we’ve just begun working with and alongside, this facility will embody our forward-facing commitment to fostering even greater degrees of trust and transparency. Ultimately, it will empower us in our mission to provide more personalised support and expertise to customers – individually and collectively. With enhanced intimacy by bringing our operations closer to home, we’ve no doubt that we’ll succeed in ensuring that all receive the tailored solutions and unconditional duty of care that they need, expect, and deserve.”

With 35 years’ experience supporting local government agencies and military departments – including the UAE’s Ministries of Interiors and Defence – ISNR Abu Dhabi is set to be another monumental moment for ATERMES and its affiliation with the Middle East and North Africa. While announcing its regional expansion and ISNR Abu Dhabi involvement, the company also revealed that its latest innovation – SURICATE – will be officially unveiled at the annual showpiece, taking place from May 21-23 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

A groundbreaking moment for the surveillance technology realm, SURICATE is a cutting-edge integrated surveillance system that combines optronics, advanced embedded AI technology and edge computing– allowing for unparalleled edge computing. Designed to deliver unparalleled performance, SURICATE offers real-time monitoring capabilities with precision and efficiency, revolutionising surveillance solutions for a wide range of applications.

Commenting on ISRN Abu Dhabi and the launch of SURICATE, Pascal Rouvière, CEO of ATERMES, referred to the occasion as a groundbreaking moment for the surveillance technology realm. He said, “Introducing audiences, experts, and shareholders to SURICATE and sharing insights and information surrounding its capabilities will come to be remembered as a groundbreaking moment for all with a vested interest in availing the latest world-class surveillance technology. By seamlessly integrating optronics, AI, and edge computing, this solution will redefine real-time monitoring standards from the outset – complementing existing radar surveillance approach by providing unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and security. This is why our involvement at this year’s edition will be our most defining yet.”

Amongst its many outstanding features and functions, SURICATE is an entirely new and unique solution for aircraft carrier, boat, drone, helicopter, pedestrian, and vehicle detection. Operational 24/7 with optimal visibility in all weather conditions, SURICATE excels in long-range detection with rapid identification and real-time alerts surrounding possible breaches, potential threats, unauthorised border crossings, and more. According to ATERMES, this significantly enhances the security of areas under surveillance and reduces response times to potential threats, making SURICATE an invaluable asset for protecting the areas where it is deployed.

Lionel Thomas, Chairman of ATERMES, credited the organisation’s personnel as vital to its development and completion, adding, “Our greatest asset at ATERMES is our people. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we leverage our collective expertise and passion to drive innovation and excellence in everything we do. This has been the formula behind SURICATE’s transition from mere creative concept to a next-generation solution destined to deliver exponential value. The development of SURICATE necessitated offering AI workshops to empower our customers in addressing their security concerns and needs. This aligns perfectly with our organisational ethos of technological excellence and innovative spirit.”

SURICATE can be deployed as an optronic turret, which is simple and quick to install into existing security systems. It can also be offered as a complete solution, incorporating software tools for control and command, as well as an associated GIS/Communication platform. Its exceptional performance, ease of use, and resilience in extreme environmental conditions make it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

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Cyber Security

Regional Leaders Chart Course for Secure Telecom Networks at SAMENA Leaders Summit 2024



Huawei, in collaboration with the SAMENA Telecommunications Council and stc, hosted a critical roundtable discussion on cybersecurity at the recent SAMENA Leaders’ Summit 2024. Titled “Building Telecom Cyber Resilience to Protect Business in the Digital Era,” the session brought together leading telecom operators, cybersecurity experts, and decision-makers from regulatory bodies.

This second edition of Huawei’s Global Carrier CISO Roundtable Series, led by Mazen Al Ahmadi, General Manager of Cyber Defense at stc, featured distinguished guests and high-level speakers. Their discussions focused on boosting telecom cyber resilience and safeguarding the digital space in an increasingly interconnected world.

Cybersecurity: A Cornerstone of Digital Success
The roundtable highlighted the critical role of cybersecurity and privacy protection in the success of businesses operating in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With the rise of immersive digital experiences and ubiquitous intelligent applications, network capabilities are undergoing rapid transformation, driven by deep network-cloud-intelligence convergence.

Mohammed Alosaimi, Chief Security Officer at Huawei Saudi Arabia

Securing the Future of Telecom Networks
Experts addressed the importance of cyber resilience for innovative telecom operators. Discussions focused on current challenges posed by advanced technologies like 5G and 5G-Advanced (5G-A) networks integrated with cloud and AI capabilities. Speakers examined strategies, models, tools, and skill sets needed to build resilience, alongside the necessary support from regulatory authorities. Remedial actions to address these challenges were also explored.

Mazen Al Ahmadi, General Manager of Cyber Defense at stc, said, “In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity and privacy protection have emerged as paramount concerns for businesses across all sectors, particularly in the telecom industry. The potential for cyber threats and data breaches has grown exponentially as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on digital infrastructure. Recognising the critical importance of addressing these challenges, the roundtable was a vital platform for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share invaluable insights, and collaborate on strategies to fortify the telecom industry against the ever-present menace of cyber threats.”

Mohammed Alosaimi, Chief Security Officer at Huawei Saudi Arabia, reaffirmed Huawei’s commitment to reinforcing cybersecurity infrastructure, stating, “As an industry leader actively engaged in cybersecurity R&D and building a cybersecurity ecosystem in the region, Huawei remains steadfast in our collaboration with carriers and partners to strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure around the world, build a thriving ecosystem, and unleash the potential of the digital world securely.”

A Multifaceted Threat Landscape
Discussions explored the evolving cyber threat landscape, including cyber threats, vulnerabilities, insider threats, and supply chain risks. Experts also analysed the contrasting security challenges of legacy signalling systems (2G and 3G) compared to modern IP-based networks (4G & 5G).

Success Stories and Collaboration
Real-world examples took centre stage as speakers shared cybersecurity use cases that directly contribute to the success of telecom businesses. Recognising the importance of collective action, the session concluded with an interactive discussion focused on fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders. Participants explored ways to address existing and future cybersecurity challenges, enhance resilience across the telecom ecosystem, and ensure adherence to international standards such as GSMA NESAS, MCKB, and OIC-CERT recommendations.

Building on a Global Dialogue
This second edition of Huawei’s Global Carrier CISO Roundtable builds upon the momentum established at MWC2024. At that event, 50 carriers and industry organisations engaged in discussions on best practices and industry standards for safeguarding the digital world.

The SAMENA Leaders’ Summit 2024, held under the patronage of UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) and with global collaboration from ITU, served as a platform for this crucial dialogue. The summit, held on May 13th in Dubai under the theme “Evolving toward Integration, Intelligence & Sustainability in Infrastructure,” highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in building a secure and sustainable digital future.

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Critical Communications

Mansoor bin Mohammed Inaugurates Critical Communications World 2024



H.H. Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, today opened Critical Communications World 2024, the critical communication sector’s leading global conference and exhibition running until May 16 in Dubai World Trade Centre.

The 2024 edition began with the traditional inauguration ceremony, led by H.H. Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, who launched the proceedings. In the days that follow, CCW’s empowering platform will provide visitors with unique opportunities to engage with specialists from over 26 countries, including visionaries from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US.

The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the organiser of the annual industry showpiece, has cast an in-depth spotlight on precisely what visitors can expect over its three-day duration. Under the theme ‘Securing society and industry – Connection is the lifeline’, TCCA has promised an ‘unparalleled experience’ for all.

Kevin Graham, Chief Executive Officer, TCCA, said, ” As the leading event in the critical communications sector, CCW is internationally renowned, revered, and respected for its outstanding track record in bringing professionals, organisations, and industry experts together to converge, collaborate, and innovate in the mission-critical communications realm. Now the biggest, most important edition yet has arrived, we’re naturally thrilled that the latest innovations and strategies that define the industry’s future are now being unveiled to the world. Without question, new foundations for transformative changes that enhance global safety and security are about to be solidified.”

As exhibitors display cutting-edge technologies, services, and solutions whilst leading live demonstrations and holding interactive sessions on a vibrant exhibition floor, the conference programme will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive debates surrounding the latest innovations and trends unfolding throughout the sector. Amidst an intimate setting perfect for converging and networking, attendees can also enjoy focus forums and roundtable discussions with registration free online.

Advanced TETRA systems, mission-critical broadband, 5G, and MCX and network services are amongst the most relevant topics being examined. Device integration and multi-layered constellation will also be explored, as will the integration of AI and IoT in public safety and healthcare environments and the implementation of geospatial data systems and digital twins.

Furthermore, CCW presents a diverse and inclusive agenda with over 150 distinguished guests and representatives from leading companies like Airbus, AT&T, Ericsson, Motorola Solutions, Hytera and Professional Communications Corporation – Nedaa sharing their insights, experiences, and perspectives. This same agenda will encompass various sectors with emerging technologies in telecommunications, public safety, and city services set to be explored alongside smart solutions integration in policing and healthcare.

When asked why all those with a passion for the critical communications industry should attend, Graham added, “Not only is this edition of Critical Communications World a landmark event; it is destined to be a catalyst for driving critical communications into a vibrant new space in the years ahead. Everyone with a vested interest in this fascinating industry should not let the opportunity to be a part of such a significant occasion that will be remembered for many years to come pass them by. It’s going to be incredibly influential and an unparalleled experience for attendees and participants alike.”

As the essential hub for professionals within the critical communications field, CCW 2024 serves as a platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and technology innovators from around the globe. Live from Dubai’s world-renowned Central Business District, the event will foster new collaborations, ignite new conversations, and inspire the next revolutionary era in mission-critical communications technologies and services.

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