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Review: eufy SoloCam S40



When it comes to security cameras for your home, the biggest hassle you might run into is wiring for supplying power to the camera. Depending on where the nearest electrical point is, the whole installation experience could either be a walk in the park or daunting. eufy Security by Anker has been producing excellent security cameras for years now, and the latest to come out of its production facility is the eufy SoloCam S40.

As the name suggests the S40 is a wireless standalone security spotlight camera with an integrated solar panel. Quite a mouthful, but the key is “integrated solar panel.” That’s right, the S40 does not need an additional power source. Once installed, all it would need is around two hours of daily sunlight to stay charged.

Inside the box, you get the eufy SoloCam S40, the screw mount, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, a screw pack, a mounting template, and a quick start guide, among other paperwork. Installing the S40 is a breeze – download the eufy Security app, create an account, and then select the home network you want to connect to.

Next, press the sync button on the camera till you hear a beep sound and the LED starts flashing. You then need to scan the QR code on your phone or tablet with the S40’s lens in order for it to connect to the home network chosen by you.

Once it gets connected, it is ready to be mounted. The only thing you need to consider while installing the camera is to install it in a place that receives at least two hours of sunlight every day.

The camera also integrates into the smart home setup. This means you can stream the live video feed to a compatible Alexa or Google Assistant smart display. In addition, the camera offers basic motion detection and you can set it to record people, animals, or any significant movement registered by the camera. The solar panel integrated on the top of the camera ensures it stays charged to keep you and your family safe from intruders.

The S40 offers crisp footage in 2K resolution and it also comes with a built-in spotlight, siren, and a talk-back speaker. Furthermore, it has 8GB of internal storage – this means you don’t have to pay for expensive cloud storage subscriptions for viewing the camera’s motion-triggered video recordings, as is the case with many devices out there in the market.

The overall design and build quality is very good, weighs 880 gms, and is weatherproof to the IP65 standard. Turn the camera around and you will find a flap just above the screw mount. Opening the flap reveals a sync button and USB-C charging port. The speaker is located on the bottom of the S40, while a microphone is placed to the left of the camera lens on the device’s face. You also get a photo-sensitive sensor and motion sensor LED indicator on the front.

The S40 also comes with some outstanding features such as a 90dB alarm that can be triggered either manually or automatically, AI person detection, automatic infrared night vision via a single LED as well as full colour filming in darkness via its built-in floodlight. As mentioned earlier, the S40 allows you to control various features and view the feed using the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Apple’s HomeKit, though, is not supported, but it isn’t a biggie.

The footage captured by the S40 is very crisp and detailed. It also maintained good connectivity with my router and the live feed was super smooth. The videos offer a 130° field-of-view and they were very clear and had a good colour balance. The detection features also worked really well during our review. The app presents clear thumbnails of detected humans, whenever the detection is triggered.

The eufy SoloCam S40 is an excellent security camera that can be used for your home. It offers a great design, build quality, and very good quality recorded footage. It also comes with a bunch of bells and whistles. However, the biggest feature the S40 offers is subscription-free onboard storage. For a price of AED 699, the eufy SoloCam S40 is highly recommended.

Price: AED 699

Rating: 3.5/5


HID Announces Employee Badge Integration With Wallet Apps



HID has announced it now offers companies the integration of employee badges into digital wallets, allowing for convenient, seamless access to the workplace. The integration of the HID Mobile Access solution with digital wallets simplifies access control to buildings and improves the user experience. Employees are not required to present physical cards but can instead identify themselves to their employers with their smartphone or smartwatch. Employees only need to activate the badge in their digital wallet and can then gain access to not just their workplace, but also to enabled corporate applications. To use this simple and digital form of authentication, all businesses need is an NFC-enabled reader.

In addition to access control, there are several other applications for the digital employee ID card, including laptops and workstations, secure printing, special access to restricted areas, charging stations and even parking. The mobile employee ID card offers companies several benefits at once. These include:

  1. Enhanced security:  Biometric authentication, such as facial and fingerprint recognition, adds an extra layer of security to verify the user’s identity. Additionally, the encryption technologies used in digital wallets ensure the secure storage and transmission of digital credentials.
  2. Frictionless Experience: Thanks to NFC technology, users can access places quickly and safely.
  3. Streamlined security: With badges in digital wallets, key distribution and management across the entire company are streamlined as there is no need to print physical keys for employees or guests.
  4. Convenience and Uninterrupted Access: If the user’s mobile device needs a charge, their badge will still work for up to five hours with power reserve/saver mode.
  5. Protection on lost or stolen devices: If the device is lost or stolen, a locator app allows users to lock or locate the lost or stolen device to help locate their device, as well as suspend or remotely erase their badge.
  6. Reduced costs: Adopting HID Mobile Access with digital wallets eliminates the need for producing and distributing physical badges, reducing associated costs such as printing, maintenance, and replacement. This shift to digital credentials also aligns with sustainability goals by reducing plastic waste.
  7. Improved efficiency and scalability: Remote management and updating of credentials are possible through the HID Origo cloud platform. The modular, multilayered secure infrastructure is validated by industry-leading certifications and fully committed to via HID’s service level agreements and support. Using HID Origo for cloud-connected access control devices, applications, and trusted mobile identities, organisations can enhance security, improve workplace efficiency, and scale their access control infrastructure.

Another important argument for integrating employee ID cards onto a mobile device is sustainability. The production of corporate ID cards and matching sleeves consumes large amounts of plastic. In addition, companies often have to reissue the cards several times if they are lost. Digital employee ID cards, on the other hand, consume fewer resources and help companies meet their climate change goals.

“With digital employee badges, companies are adapting to the usage habits of their employees,” says Gustavo Gassmann, HID Vice President of Emerging Markets, PACS. “Mobile devices have become essential components of most people’s daily lives, not just for their useful features but also for the invaluable, convenient benefits they provide. And because people always have their devices with them, accessing places and moving around different parts of the building through them makes sense.”

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AXIS and AlJammaz Announce Partnership in KSA



Axis Communications has announced the onboarding of AlJammaz Technologies as its newest distribution partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The strategic decision to partner with AlJammaz Technologies will enable Axis to expand its reach in the KSA market, making it possible for Axis to invest further in the future of Saudi Arabia, a country showing immense potential and dedication to innovation, as is evident in the scale and ambition of Vision 2030.

This collaboration brings together the innovative surveillance technology Axis is known for and AlJammaz Technologies’ excellence in Value Added distribution and channel network development, which addresses the growing demand for advanced security solutions in the KSA market. The partnership leverages the strengths of both organisations to provide KSA customers with world-class security technology that meets their evolving needs. The decision to work together results in a strategic combination of Axis technology with AlJammaz Technologies’ robust distribution channel network, expertise and local market knowledge, resulting in a comprehensive offering for Axis customers across a variety of sectors.

As such, one of the critical advantages of this alliance is the ability to provide end-to-end solutions that encompass every aspect of security. From high-quality cameras and advanced video analytics to network infrastructure and management software, customers can rely on the KSA-based distribution network developed by Axis to deliver integrated solutions that enhance security operations.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, Sheetal Rao, Distribution Manager of Axis, stated, “We are excited to partner with AlJammaz Technologies to expand our existing network of partners in Saudi Arabia. With Al Jammaz Technologies’ extensive reach and expertise, along with its product portfolio, we are confident in our joint ability to cater to the unique security challenges faced by organisations in the region and beyond. This collaboration also further expands our legacy in Saudi Arabia, where we’ve been involved in some of the most prestigious projects in the country.”

In accordance with the standards established by Axis and its distribution partners, AlJammaz Technologies joins the ranks of a world-class distribution network within the KSA market, alongside existing Axis distributors Ingram Micro NIT and Wesco Anixter, that is committed to delivering superior customer service. This level of support enables the Axis team to bring its customers security solutions that ensure the safety and protection of businesses, assets, and individuals. The partnership will drive innovation, enhance the customer experience, and set new standards in the security industry.

“As a trusted distributor in the region, we are delighted to partner with Axis Communications,” said Adel Qahwash General Manager of AlJammaz Technologies. “Together, we aim to provide innovative and reliable security technologies that meet the requirements of businesses, government entities, and critical infrastructure in the region.”

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Ring Launches the Second Generation of Indoor Camera in the UAE



Ring has launched the second generation of Indoor Cam, bringing an additional layer of privacy and security for homeowners. Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) is Ring’s first-ever security camera with a new, manual, removable privacy cover, that turns off audio and video recording when it’s placed over the camera lens, giving customers even more control and peace of mind when it comes to customizing their privacy and security at home.

Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) is a compact, indoor-only camera that brings customers all the benefits of the first generation Indoor Cam, such as Two-Way Talk, 1080p HD Video, Live View, Customizable Motion and Privacy Zones, now with enhanced features like Colour Night Vision and an upgraded design. With the new privacy cover, customers can have greater control over what their device captures. When the privacy cover is moved in front of the camera lens, Indoor Camera’s microphone and camera will turn off.

Customers can reactivate video and audio capture by moving the Privacy Cover to the side and, if in doubt, they can check the status of their camera in the Ring app. A blue LED indicator light will glow when Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) is capturing video or when night vision has been activated. Automatic Light Sensing allows Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) to know when the lighting has dimmed enough to automatically activate the night vision feature.

Additionally, the adjustable mount design and plug-in AC power enable customers to position Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) almost anywhere at home by plugging it into any available power outlet. “Our customers value peace of mind, but they also prioritize their privacy,” says Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President – Emerging Markets, Ring. “The second generation Indoor Camera, with its manual privacy cover, is another step towards giving our customers greater control of their security. It not only allows them to enjoy the benefits of smart home security without compromising their privacy but also demonstrates Ring’s commitment to continuously ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind.”

Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) supports video End-to-End Encryption for an added layer of data security. It is compatible with Alexa, and easily integrates with other Ring devices through Linked Devices on the Ring app, enabling triggered video recording when motion is detected by connected Ring devices at home. Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) is now available for AED 249.

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