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W Motors Unveils GHIATH SWAT Edition for Dubai Police



W Motors, the UAE-headquartered automotive manufacturer unveiled its newest addition to the GHIATH fleet– the GHIATH SWAT edition – at the World Police Summit, which takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre from 7-9 March 2023. A Special Projects Division initiative, the GHIATH SWAT tactical response vehicle follows the release of the world’s most advanced security vehicle, the GHIATH Smart Patrol, which was officially launched at last’s year summit.

Designed, engineered, and developed by W Motors in response to the demanding requirements of SWAT team operations, the purpose-built GHIATH SWAT meets the highest industry standards for tactical response. Its ruggedly aggressive design is supported by customized heavy-duty upgraded suspension for the increased payload with the ability to effortlessly handle multi-terrain environments. This is complemented by a raft of inbuilt next-generation technological capabilities designed to support mission safety, security, and success.

Commenting on the unveiling, His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief,  Dubai Police, said, “At Dubai Police, we are committed to staying ahead and providing our officers with the best tools to ensure the safety and security of our city. Our partnership with W Motors has been instrumental in upgrading our fleet with top-notch vehicles such as the GHIATH Smart Patrol, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed for optimal performance in challenging situations. With this commitment to excellence, we will continue raising the bar for law enforcement worldwide.”

“The second GHIATH model to be proudly designed, developed, and manufactured in the UAE at our Dubai Silicon Oasis facility, and rolling off the production line just one year after the launch of the GHIATH Smart Patrol, reaffirms our commitment to accelerate the future of high-performing, high-spec security vehicles, in partnership with Dubai Police. This latest addition to the GHIATH fleet marks the start of an expansion programme that will see more cutting-edge technology and smart solutions-enhanced models added to the fleet,” said Ralph Debbas, Founder and CEO, W Motors.

“We are thrilled to welcome the new GHIATH SWAT edition vehicle to our fleet as it significantly enhances our force’s tactical response capabilities. Dubai Police has always prioritised the provision of the right gadgets and tools, including top-of-the-line vehicles, to equip our officers for success in any situation. The Ghiath SWAT edition exemplifies this commitment, incorporating the latest technology that empowers us to address any security challenge with greater speed and precision,” added His Excellency Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commandant for Operations Affairs, Dubai Police.

Key exterior features of the GHIATH SWAT include a reinforced front push bar; tactical side and rear steps; weapons and ammunition mounting and storage systems; specialised police equipment storage; a crowd dispersal smoke system; two military-grade infrared LED light systems for night vision driving and surveillance; covert infrared tracking lights and two high-intensity LED light-supported rear-mounted side pods; and nine surveillance cameras with number plate recognition capabilities.

The interior is no less impressive with facial recognition and driver behaviour-enabled surveillance cameras; a vehicle GPS tracker deployment system; real-time connectivity with the control center; plus, two rear seat-mounted removable military spec android tablets and four police body cam charging docks.  The W Motors factory will also be fully completed in Q2 2023, and features a dedicated GHIATH assembly line, with an estimated 1,000 vehicles per year set to be produced. This will be followed by the rollout of additional GHIATH models, which are scheduled for launch later this year, in partnership with Dubai Police as part of its expanding fleet.

Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, the state-of-the-art automotive production facility is the first of its kind in the Middle East and will be the production hub for the company’s growing portfolio of next-generation vehicles, including limited series hypercars, electric vehicles (EVs), and autonomous models, as well as Special Projects Division vehicles.

Homeland Security

Hytera to Present Communications and Body Camera Solutions at World Police Summit



Hytera Communications will showcase its range of cutting-edge products and solutions across the law enforcement and security spectrum at the World Police Summit to be held from March 7 to 9, 2023. Hytera will present its leading solutions of TETRA and LTE convergent communications, emergency communications, body camera and evidence management, and control room. Among these, the company will focus more on the body camera solution, which has been adopted by the Abu Dhabi Police and Customs as well as other law enforcement agencies worldwide. Both departments have utilized Hytera body cameras to increase police efficiency and accountability.

Kenneth Liang, Country Manager of Hytera UAE said, “We are pleased to participate in the World Police Summit and showcase our range of solutions for a global stage. Cities and regions in the Middle East are advancing at a truly rapid pace and it is crucial that they adopt innovative solutions to strengthen public safety and security. At Hytera, we are committed to developing advanced solutions that help law enforcement organisations improve public safety. This year marks our tenth year in the region, and we are constantly striving towards expanding our presence here. We hope this year to be an incredible one and be able to achieve more significant feats.”

The company offers reliable and effective communications solutions and technologies that cater to the various requirements of its customers across the region through a sales network that spans the Gulf and North African countries, Turkey, and several other Arab-speaking countries. For the past 30 years, Hytera has been focusing on the PMR industry and developing its diverse product ecosystem that encompasses the entire law enforcement sector. The solutions increased the accountability and transparency of law enforcement agencies while also enhancing safety and efficiency.

Furthermore, it has been working together with the Abu Dhabi Police and Customs departments to launch two innovative programs since 2021.  The Abu Dhabi Police is recognized as one of the leading police forces worldwide for its advanced technologies, innovative initiatives, and high-quality services. Through the deployment of Hytera body cameras, the Abu Dhabi Police aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and professionalism in police operations.

Hytera has been assisting in the transformation of law enforcement activities and operations in the Emirates through a variety of reliable communications solutions and modern applications. Together with its committed team of experts and innovative solutions, Hytera continues to provide efficient and secure communications for companies and organizations across the Middle East.

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EDGE Unveils SKYSHIELD Counter-UAS Solution at IDEX 2023



EDGE has today launched SKYSHIELD, a multi-layered, integrated counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) solution, on the opening day of the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2023). Comprising advanced sensors, 3D radars, electro-optic (EO) cameras, direction finders, and effectors that are networked into EDGE’s unified command and control (C2) system, the solution provides real-time situational awareness, with the ability to automatically detect and engage with drone threats and defeat them using EDGE’s spoofing and jamming solutions, among other key countermeasures.

Highly modular in design, SKYSHIELD can be configured for fixed installation in key areas to safeguard critical infrastructure, as well as being packaged as a rapidly deployable solution for a broad range of civilian and military vehicles, trucks, and ships. Featuring automated 360° detect and defeat capabilities for anti-drone protection, the comprehensive system is aimed at military, law enforcement, security, and VIP protection markets.

Omar Al Zaabi, Senior Vice President – Trading and Mission Support, EDGE, said, “As the demand for counter-drone protection is rapidly rising, we are proud to launch SKYSHIELD to the UAE and international markets. Responding to drones and the threat they pose requires a comprehensive approach, which is why this C-UAS solution employs an impressive variety of detection and interception techniques and can be configured for permanent implementation or as a rapidly deployable system. Strengthening sovereign capabilities is a strategic priority for EDGE and SIGN4L, and launching a robust solution such as SKYSHIELD reflects our steadfast commitment to securing the nation with cutting-edge UAE-manufactured equipment.”

To ensure system performance and reliability in hot, humid, and dusty weather, the C-UAS solution has been extensively tested in the region’s natural environment and climate, and has proven to perform optimally in the most challenging conditions. Attendees of IDEX can visit EDGE and its portfolio of companies at Hall 5, stand A05 – C10 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) until 24 February, 2023.

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Zenith Shows Off AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol at Intersec Dubai 2023



The International Homeland Security Market witnessed a colossal technological disruption as the “world’s first” AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol, developed by Zenith Technologies marked its ground-breaking debut at Intersec Dubai 2023. “Launching its 3rd Generation Intelligent Lightbar device, Zenith continues to lead the market and disrupt its own technologies with reiterations of further technology firsts in its AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol Policing release. The world pioneering, 1st Generation of mobile ANPR platforms was deployed by Zenith in 2008 for Dubai Police,” the company said.

Russell Hammad, Founder and CEO of Zenith Technologies

The company showcased its next-generation AI platforms at Intersec in association with its partner, The National Security Services Company (SAFE)of Saudi Arabia. “SAFE and Zenith have formed a strategic alliance to amplify the reach of their respective offerings to the various sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCC region, and beyond,” the company said.

Zenith claimed the AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol embeds within the cavity of the Policing Lightbar. This is a fully functional AI Drone that can take flight autonomously or as manually controlled by its Law Enforcement personnel, whilst on city patrols. At the press of a button, the top of the lightbar’s cavity slides away allowing the AI-empowered drone to rise and take immediate flight.

Zenith AI EagleEye leverages technologies developed in-house to offer features such as 360 degrees Situational Awareness, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Make Model Color (MMC), Face Recognition (FR), LIDAR Speed enforcement, Automated Traffic Infringements including real-time detection of fastened Seatbelt and Mobile Phones usage whilst driving.

Additionally, the AI Platform’s expansive capabilities allow for various data training for Visual Pollution detection, Traffic, and Crowd analysis, Detection of objects in the dark, and 3D mapping of the surrounding environment. Disparate data is relayed in real-time to the police control centre wirelessly through Zenith’s AI-powered Traffic Enforcement Management (TEM) Command and Control secured protocols.

Russell Hammad, Founder and CEO of Zenith Technologies, said, “Zenith prides itself in being innovators, patent and expansive IP holders in a number of disrupter platforms, incorporating advancements in both the software and hardware componentry of these niche HMS technological suites. In fact, Wikipedia features Zenith’s Mobile ANPR as the first such global deployment in early 2008, in its definition of the technology. The target market for Zenith’s technologies is predominantly Governmental, and Security, Health, and Safety conscious operators within the community. Our AI technologies have had a positive ROI impact and have built efficiencies in law enforcement agencies and traffic departments.”

Commenting on their partnership with the UAE Government and neighbouring GCC and Middle East region, Hammad commented, “We began our engagements with Dubai Police as far back as 2008 when we introduced a mobile ANPR solution- a world first. Due to the success and simplicity of that ANPR offering, Dubai Police has since then expanded its appointments with Zenith into numerous other technologies. Apart from Dubai Police, Zenith has partnered with a number of governmental security apparatus in the region, some of whom are classified regional deployments, but others include Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and KSA Governments, Ajman Police, Emaar, Meraas, Dubai Holding, Nakheel in the UAE.”

On the future plans of Zenith, Hammad, explained, “We are currently working on the 2nd generation of our Media Monitoring System (MMS), which will be a strictly AI-based technological platform, supporting a most expansive language agnostic search (including Arabic dialects) into rich media, where that be video, audio or text, in addition to the modern mode of communication, as emojis. Highlighting sentiment analysis of that content is equally crucial and a core focus. Making meaning out of the rich and unstructured World Wide Web content is our mantra. Concurrently, continued advancements into the AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol’s roadmap are forever alive and momentous.”

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