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Cloud Box Technologies Adds Security Operations Center to its Portfolio



Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) has announced the launch of its cutting-edge Security Operations Center (SOC) in Dubai. The SOC, implemented by RA Technologies, a subsidiary of CBT, is primarily built to cater to local customer requirements. It is equipped with the latest technology tools to enable 24/7/365 threat monitoring, detection, and targeted response support, ensuring rapid identification and containment of security incidents. The SOC is also fully compliant with regulatory standards.

The role of RA Technologies is to offer expertise to safeguard customer networks against potential security breaches. The SOC utilises cutting-edge tools and technologies to detect any alterations in cyber threats and promptly respond with appropriate countermeasures.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is capable of providing uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance for networks and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it leverages an internal threat intelligence knowledge base and also uses external data from partners and regulators to promptly detect, identify, investigate, and analyse cyber threats in real time. Cybersecurity extends beyond risk management and encompasses strategic aspects that influence product capability, organisational effectiveness, and customer relationships, based on unique customer requirements.

Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director of Cloud Box Technologies said, “As businesses are becoming increasingly connected, digital transformation of enterprises is inevitable. Leveraging our expertise in understanding customer’s business, we are uniquely positioned to develop a comprehensive strategy, establish effective leadership, communicate a clear plan to management, and prepare the organisation to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.”

“In recent times, there has been a substantial global investment in digital infrastructure. It is imperative to safeguard these investments from potential threats, and this is where a SOC plays a crucial role. We assess risks thereby enhance resilience which subsequently enhances the customer’s security posture and facilitates efficient and heightened security capabilities,” Kaippada added.

With the implementation of the new SOC, Cloud Box Technologies is now capable of assisting its clients in formulating a comprehensive cyber strategy that encompasses the dimensions of risk, business, and culture. This will prove to be a valuable asset in their endeavours towards digitisation, as it will enable them to establish a secure environment.

Biju Unni, Vice President at Cloud Box Technologies said, “Our team at RA Technologies has a thorough understanding of the security implications, and strives to pre-empt potential threats and actual attacks. This approach helps clients mitigate potential hazards and stay ahead of the security curve. Our proficiency in SOC dynamics, local intricacies, regulatory requirements, and the latest technologies enables our Security Operations Center to provide end-to-end assistance at every step.”

Cloud Box Technologies’ customers will have the advantage of unprecedented security with the newest state-of-the-art SOC. It provides continuous protection with 24/7 monitoring, real-time security intelligence to effectively identify and mitigate cyber threats, comprehensive risk management to quickly detect and respond to potential issues, and threat prevention powered by a deep understanding of the threat landscape. CBT’s proactive incident response strategies can help identify weaknesses within the customer network.

Apart from staying ahead of cyber threats and damages, the SOC will also bring a curb on expenses associated with security breaches, help provide customers with frequent compliance reports, and aid in regulatory compliance with laws like HIPPA and GDPR.


Tenable to Acquire Eureka Security



Tenable Holdings has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Eureka Security, a provider of data security posture management (DSPM) for cloud environments. Eureka Security helps security teams gain a holistic view into an organization’s cloud data security footprint, fight policy drift and misconfigurations that put data at risk, and continuously improve their security posture over time. The acquisition is expected to close this month.

By adding DSPM capabilities to its CNAPP solution, Tenable will help customers identify key evidence related to cloud data risk, including where sensitive data resides in the cloud, who has access to that data and the severity of the risk posed by potential data compromise. This type of visibility is central to an organization’s ability to accurately assess its cloud security compliance. In the 2024 Tenable Cloud Security Outlook study, 95% of organizations polled had experienced cloud-related breaches in the previous 18 months. Among those, 92% reported exposure to sensitive data, and a majority acknowledged being harmed by the data exposure.

“Eureka Security’s technology will enable Tenable to provide even better prioritization of cloud risks and identify toxic combinations beyond vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and over-privileged access to include data at risk as well,” said Shai Morag, senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Security, Tenable. “This is another example of how we’re pushing the envelope in cloud security innovation for customers and leading the market forward by developing best-in-class capabilities.”

“Eureka Security’s data-centric approach provides the visibility, control and automation needed to navigate the dynamic cloud landscape while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance,” said Liat Hayun, co-founder and CEO, Eureka Security. “We’re excited to join Tenable. Integrating our capabilities into Tenable’s CNAPP offering creates a compelling capability for customers. Tenable also brings an expansive customer base and strong go-to-market capabilities. We couldn’t have found a better match to help us expand our mission to reduce cloud data risk globally.”

The integration of DSPM will round out the current Tenable Cloud Security solution that already includes such key capabilities as unified CNAPP, iron-clad CSPM protection, cloud workload protection and industry-leading CIEM, among others, which will give security teams the context and prioritization guidance to make efficient and accurate remediation decisions. The Eureka Security DSPM capabilities are expected to be natively integrated into Tenable Cloud Security and its leading CNAPP solution later this year.

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Hidden Champions: Behind These Popular Applications Are Hard Drives



Written by Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager of Business Development Storage Products at Toshiba Electronics Europe

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Cyber Security

Netskope Joins Google Workspace Security Alliance



Netskope has joined the Google Workspace Security Alliance to extend security and data protection for Workspace users. The Netskope One Platform provides a number of advanced security capabilities that protect data, defend against threats, and ensure users have fast and secure access to Google Workspace productivity and collaboration tools, including Gemini for Workspace.

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud technologies to drive innovation and efficiency, they are also challenged to secure sensitive data from a range of cyber risks, including:

  • Ongoing increases in the number of users uploading sensitive data to personal instances of cloud applications
  • New and evolving threat techniques such as abuse of certain applications for critical data access, back doors, and financial gain; compromise of credentials to access critical business data; insider threats; and more
  • Data exposure from the insecure use of both managed and unmanaged AI-based productivity tools

Netskope and Google Workspace empower organizations to embrace modern collaboration and productivity by enabling the secure use of AI-based productivity tools. Netskope provides advanced data loss prevention (DLP) techniques, delivering real-time visibility and control over users, data, and corporate vs. personal cloud instances. In addition, Netskope’s comprehensive threat protection through both API and inline controls detects threats in Google applications and monitors data movement and threat propagation between Google Workspace apps and third-party ecosystem applications.

“Netskope is proud to expand its partnership with Google Workspace by joining the Workspace Security Alliance. There are already thousands of customers using Netskope to safeguard their Google Workspace applications, and this new partnership further enhances the secure usage capabilities for application specific data protection policies,” said Andy Horwitz, VP, Global Partner Ecosystems, Netskope. “Together, Netskope and Google Workspace can help customers modernize their productivity stack. We look forward to helping customers safely optimize their employees’ daily productivity.”

The Netskope and Google Workspace partnership enables organizations to embrace collaboration and productivity while safeguarding critical data. Joint customers can now more effectively:

  1. Support best practice use of Gemini for Google Workspace: Leverage real-time user coaching to help enforce best practices in application usage. Organizations can gain visibility into data movement to minimize sensitive information sharing while achieving data compliance objectives.
  2. Protect sensitive data: Detect and manage access to sensitive data within Google Workspace applications, enforcing policies to prevent unauthorized data movement across platforms, including third-party services like Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox.
  3. Stop insider threats like data exfiltration: Prevent the download of sensitive data from Google Workspace business instances and then the upload to personal instances, which is one of today’s top reasons for data loss. Additionally, apply this control to unmanaged devices: allow unmanaged or personal device access to a specific cloud app for collaboration, however, do not allow downloading of sensitive data.
  4. Detect and stop elusive threats and malware: Protect against malware and phishing delivered from the cloud. Netskope’s multi-layered advanced threat protection (ATP) enhances security within Google Workspace and across cloud applications.
  5. Maintain compliance in Google Workspace: Ensure that organizations can adhere to regulations and meet compliance needs by enforcing security policies within Google Workspace.

“By partnering with Netskope, a leading SASE vendor, customers can confidently expand their Google Workspace adoption leveraging their existing IT infrastructure investments,” said Nikhil Sinha, Group Product Manager, Google Workspace. “Netskope instance awareness enables fine grained data governance policy differences to both corporate and personal Google Workspace accounts. We are excited to partner with Netskope to provide these advanced security capabilities to our customers.”

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