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Security Should Seamlessly Integrate Into Everyone’s Daily Lives



Mohammad Meraj Hoda, the Vice President for Emerging Markets at Ring, says privacy, security, and control are at the forefront when developing Ring’s products

Tell us about Ring’s role in the evolution of home security in the Middle East.
At Ring, we are committed to providing peace of mind to our customers by making smart home security more convenient for various home types in the Middle East. Our mission is to assist homeowners in protecting what is most important to them by letting them effortlessly monitor their loved ones, pets, and property. The Ring app allows you to set up and control a variety of configurable whole-home security solutions that seamlessly connect with one another, including video doorbells, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and a customizable alarm system. We constantly keep inventing and improving the devices that our consumers in the region know and love, and we remain focused on user experience on the Ring app.

What are the latest advancements in Ring’s home security devices?
We are always looking at ways to make our devices even more useful for customers. For example, one of our latest innovations, Indoor Camera (2nd Gen), comes with a manual Privacy Cover that disables audio and video recording when placed over the lens for added privacy and control.

The Head-to-Toe View on the new Battery Video Doorbell Plus gives customers an expanded field of view from their front door to check on packages left at their doorstep. Moreover, with the Package Alerts feature (available with a Ring Protect subscription), customers get real-time alerts whenever a package is detected in their designated package zone.

Recently, the Ring Protect Plus subscription has also been updated with Advanced Video Features and Enhanced Notifications. These all-new features mean that homeowners get even more out of their Ring devices for added convenience and peace of mind.

How does Ring technology ensure whole-home convenience for homeowners?
At Ring, we believe that security should seamlessly integrate into customers’ daily lives. Many of our battery-powered devices can be set up in a matter of minutes following the simple in-app instructions from the free Ring app. Moreover, all our devices can be linked and managed from the Ring app, providing homeowners with real-time access and control, no matter where they are.

Tell us more about Ring’s subscription plans.
We’ve just launched new features for our Ring Protect Plus subscription. Available on the Ring app, Ring Protect Plus can be used to cover multiple devices, and subscribers can avail of exclusive features such as Live View Picture-in-Picture, Multi-Cam Live View, and Snapshot Capture Plus. Customers can gain insights into activating, viewing, deleting, and downloading snapshots, along with adjusting snapshot frequency.

The recently added Enhanced Notifications allows customers to customize and keep up with what is happening at their home, and with Priority Alerts, they can receive alerts when their mobile device is in Do Not Disturb mode or a Focus and/or to override settings like Alerts Snooze and Motion Schedules. Additionally, the Event Summary feature in Enhanced Notifications allows them to see a daily digest of all the events and recordings at their location.

However, Ring also offers a Ring Protect Basic plan that covers one Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera at a single location. With both Basic and Plus subscription plans, customers can also save, share, and download video recordings of any detected events in their account for up to 180 days. Ring’s subscription plans are designed to enhance our customers’ security setups with advanced features, ensuring they have the tools they need to stay connected and protected.

How does Ring prioritize user privacy while maintaining safety and security functionalities?
We always prioritize the safety and security of our customers. Privacy, security, and control are at the forefront when developing our products. In the Ring app, customers can use Control Centre, an easy-to-use dashboard, to view and control their privacy and security settings. We’ve also put features in place across all our devices to ensure privacy, security, and user control remain front and centre – including customizable Privacy Zones to block out “off-limit” areas, Motion Zones to control the areas customers want their Ring device to detect motion, and Audio Toggle to turn audio on and off.

Customers can also opt-in to video End-to-End Encryption which means they can add an extra layer of security that only allows their videos to be viewed on their chosen mobile device. We also use enhanced account security measures, such as mandatory two-factor authentication and login notifications which inform users if a new device or browser logs into their account.

Can you share some unconventional scenarios where Ring’s devices have been creatively used?
We’ve noticed a lot of pet owners using Ring devices to keep an eye on their furry friends. Indoor cameras can capture special moments with pets, with features like Two-Way Talk and Color Night Vision, that allow owners to see and communicate with them when it matters most.

A battery-powered Stick Up Cam can go almost anywhere, like inside a doghouse, so owners can check in on Live View to see how they’re doing. Outdoor cameras from Ring can also help pet owners keep an eye on their pets if they’re playing outside while they’re indoors. Floodlight and Spotlight Cams can provide a wider view of the backyard, and their built-in motion-activated lighting can come in handy for pets at night by providing a temporary bright light when they walk by and automatically turn off when they’re back inside.

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